Flashing Red / Yellow Light of Death / YLOD PS3 Premium "Re-Ball" Service

Don't settle for an inexperienced local repair shop to fix your PlayStation 3 and have it end up looking like this. PS3RepairShop.com -- a national PS3 repair specialist -- will pay for the ROUND-TRIP SHIPPING  !

Is your PlayStation 3 turning itself off with a flashing red light and three rapid beeps? The video on the left shows a PS3 with the same problem, and if you look closely you'll notice how the green LED quickly turns yellow immediately before it starts flashing red. If your PS3 is doing the same thing as the one in the video, your PS3 has what's known as the "Yellow light of death", "YLOD" or "Red light of death", which typically means your PS3 has experienced a hardware failure or malfunction on the motherboard. If a game or movie disc is inside your PS3 when this problem occurs, you may notice the blue LED is also illuminated when you attempt to turn on the PS3. YLOD is often the result of detached solder spheres between the RSX GPU and motherboard inside your PS3, caused by the cumulative effect of extreme thermal cycles and dust build-up inside the console over the years. PS3RepairShop.com offers two "YLOD / Flashing Red Light" repair services to get your PS3 back up & running with all it's important data still intact:  The Premium GPU Re-Ball Service described on this page provides the hands-down longest-lasting fix available for this type of failure because the GPU is physically removed from the motherboard so the original lead-free solder spheres can be replaced with 1254 lead-tin solder spheres, each measuring just 0.60mm. It's a precision process that requires a great deal of patience & skill, but the end result is a new solder connection between the GPU and motherboard that is virtually fail-proof. Don't worry -- we've completed more than 4,000 re-balls since we introduced the service back in 2011, so we know how to get it done. Our $59.99 Standard "Reflow" Service is a much more straightforward process and is identical to what you find advertised by many other internet PS3 repair shops as their version of a YLOD repair. Realistically it is best suited for scenarios where you prefer a low-cost YLOD fix that simply enables the PS3 to be revived temporarily so your important data can be retrieved from the hard drive before the unit fails again. We're probably the only company that makes that clear to customers before they purchase. A side-by-side comparison of both services can be viewed here.


FLASHING RED LIGHT PREMIUM "REBALL" SERVICE. Reverses "Yellow light of death / flashing red light" symptom caused by solder failure at the GPU. Service includes replacement of GPU's original 1254-count 0.60mm lead-free solder spheres with 1254-count 0.60mm lead-tin solder spheres. Service also includes complimentary internal chassis cleaning, Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound application on main processors, FREE ROUND-TRIP SHIPPING to the contiguous 48 states & DC and a LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY for un-tampered consoles. Previously serviced / tampered or refurbished consoles will receive a 30-day Labor Warranty. Typical Repair Time (excluding transit time): 3-5 business days. Please Note: This service is for the following PS3 models only: CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHE01, CECHE01-MG, CECHG01, CECHH01, CECHK01, CECHL01, CECHP01. Please check your model number before ordering by referring to the white sticker on the rear of the console where the cables are attached. Previously tampered consoles: a "re-ball" will not miraculously repair a totally fried chip nor will it undo the warp damage to the motherboard caused by "heat-gun", "hairdryer" or other repair methods. If a YLOD repair has already been attempted on the motherboard you are strongly discouraged from ordering the Premium Re-Ball service because the chances of a successful & long-lasting repair are significantly diminished.


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Bullet-proof your PS3 repair with this Active cooling upgrade which will proactively cool the internal components and reduce the operating temperatures in the range of 25-30°F or more. Watch the video on the left and see for yourself. Bottom line is it will significantly reduce the devastating thermal effects of motherboard flex that stresses the remaining lead-free solder. Very, very highly recommended to all gamers who own original "fat" model PS3 consoles --- especially the PS2 backwards-compatible 20GB, 60GB and 4-USB port 80GB models --- that desire maximum longevity after a YLOD repair. That's precisely what this supplemental service does. Add it to your repair right now! Please note: Due to the nature of this modification your PS3's fan will run faster & louder in order to provide maximum reliability & longevity; it should not be ordered if you prefer a quiet (and hotter) console. $39.99 with any PS3 repair service.

(with any PS3 repair service)


After you've completed the checkout process, be on the lookout for three important emails:

The first email will come from PayPal that will detail your transaction & actual services you purchased. You should receive this email instantly.

The second email will come directly from us which will contain your manually assigned Work-Order Number & Service Agreement attachment which will need to be completed & returned with your shipment. We'll also include some instructions that will show you how to safely pack your PS3 for shipment.

The third email will come directly from UPS if you live in the contiguous 48 states & DC and will contain the instructions for retrieving your FREE shipping label to deliver your PS3 to our Service Facility. If you do not see all of these emails within 24 hours of placing your order and have already double-checked your spam / junk mail folder for the email account you used during checkout, please call us at 888-214-8625.

AK & HI Residents: Please note, you will be responsible for purchasing your own shipping label to deliver your PS3 to our facility, and your repair will be subject to a $35.00 return shipping surcharge. The $35.00 return shipping surcharge will be billed after the repair has been completed.

When your PS3 console is delivered to our Service Facility you should receive a confirmation email from UPS.com or FEDEX.com, and then after your console has been un-boxed and inspected for completeness of all required documents we will provide you with the estimated completion date of your repair.

Upon completion of the repair UPS or FEDEX will provide you with a tracking number via email when your console is boxed and ready to ship. In most cases your PS3 will be shipped back to you in the same box we received it. If your PS3 is determined to be beyond repair you will receive a full refund minus $30, or you can apply the full repair fee towards the cost of a brand new factory-sealed PS3.


If you have any questions about our PS3 repair service, please review the Frequently Asked Questions or call 888.214.8625.