PlayStation 3 Flashing Red Light / Yellow Light of Death / YLOD Repair Services

PS3 GPU Reball Service

If your original "fat" PlayStation 3 is turning itself off with three rapid beeps or you notice a yellow light right before a flashing red light when you try to turn it on (watch video on left), your PS3 has what's known as the "Yellow light of death", "YLOD" or "Red light of death". This is often the result of detached solder connections between the RSX GPU and motherboard inside your PS3, caused by the cumulative effect of extreme thermal cycles and dust build-up inside the console over the years. offers two "YLOD / Blinking Red Light" repair services to get your PS3 back up & running with all it's important data still intact. The table below summarizes the differences between the Standard (solder repair) and Premium (solder replacement) services:

 Standard YLOD "Reflow" Service
(Solder repair)
 Premium YLOD "Reball" Service
(Solder replacement)
Complete System Diagnostics:
Internal Chassis Cleaning & Dust Removal:
Safe Retrieval of Trapped Discs:
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound on RSX & Cell Processors :
Includes Round-Trip UPS Shipping Labels (contiguous 48 States & DC only):
Genuine Lead-Tin Solder Re-Ball of the RSX GPU BGA:  
Replacement of Damaged Pads & Insulators on Secondary Chips:  
Email Updates Containing Repair Images of Your Console:  
I Will Receive this Warranty if my PS3 is Un-Tampered / Never Been Previously Serviced / Never Been  Refurbished: 6 Months Labor Lifetime Labor
I Will Receive this Warranty if my PS3 has been Previously Serviced / Tampered or is Refurbished: No Warranty 30 Days Labor
I Need This Service Because... Reviving The PS3 To Recover My Game Data Off The Hard Drive Is My Primary Goal. I Don't Want To Replace My PS3 Just Yet. I Need The Longest-Lasting YLOD Fix.
Special Holiday Price: $69.98 $99.00
Buy Now:

The ordering process is simple: After you complete checkout be on the lookout for your pre-paid shipping label email from UPS. We will also separately email you complete instructions to safely prepare your console for transit to our Service Facility. After the repair has been completed your PlayStation 3 will be shipped back to you by UPS. It's that easy.

Please Note: These PS3 YLOD Repair Services are for original "fat" models only (CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHE01, CECHG01, CECHH01, CECHK01, CECHL01, CECHP01) -- they are not available for "slim" models (CECH2001, CECH2101, CECH2501, CECH3001 -- please check your unit's model number before ordering by referring to the white sticker on the rear of the console where the cables are attached). Similarly, neither service should be ordered if your PS3 is currently fully functional, as they are not to be considered "preventative" services.

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