PlayStation 3 Flashing Red Light / Yellow Light of Death / YLOD Repair Service

PS3 GPU Reball Service

If your "fat" PlayStation 3's power status indicator light goes from green, to yellow, then to flashing red with three rapid beeps (watch the video above), your PS3 has what's known as the "Yellow light of death" or "YLOD". While this can be caused by a variety of reasons, the most common is cracked or detached solder connections between the RSX GPU and motherboard inside your PS3, resulting from the extreme thermal cycles your PS3's motherboard has had to endure over the years. Fortunately we can reverse this fault by either repairing or replacing the failed solder joints so you'll regain access to all your important game-save data. See below for more details. 

Standard YLOD / Flashing Red Light Service
(solder repair)
Premium  YLOD / Flashing Red Light Service
(GPU solder replacement)
Does the Service include a Complete System Diagnostics?
Does the Service include Internal Chassis Cleaning & Dust Removal?
Does the Service include Safe Retrieval of my Trapped Game or Move Disk?
Does the Service include Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound application on the RSX & Cell Processors ?
Will my hard drive data remain safe & intact?
Does the Service include Free Round-Trip UPS Shipping ?
(contiguous 48 States & DC only)

(contiguous 48 States & DC only)
Does the Service include a Genuine Lead-Tin Solder Re-Ball of the RSX GPU BGA?  
What Warranty will I receive if my PS3 is Un-Tampered / Never Been Previously Serviced / Never Been  Refurbished? 30 Days Labor 6 Months Labor
What Warranty will I receive if my PS3 has been Previously Serviced / Tampered or is Refurbished? No Warranty 30 Days Labor
Benefits Ideal if Data recovery is your primary goal Most durable YLOD repair service.
Special Limited Time Price: $69.98 $99.98
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What happens next? After you've decided which service you prefer and complete checkout, be on the lookout for your pre-paid shipping label email from UPS. We will also separately email you complete instructions to safely prepare your device for transit to our Service Facility for repair. After the repair has been completed we'll ship your PlayStation 3 back to you by UPS. There are no hidden charges -- the price you see here on this page is the only price you pay us. It's that easy!

Please Note: The PS3 YLOD Repair Services are for original "fat" models only (CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHE01, CECHG01, CECHH01, CECHK01, CECHL01, CECHP01) -- they are not available for "slim" models (CECH2001, CECH2101, CECH2501, CECH3001 -- please check your device's model number before ordering by referring to the white sticker on the rear of the console where the cables are attached). Previously tampered or serviced consoles: a "re-ball" will not miraculously repair a totally fried chip nor will it undo the warp damage caused by "heat-gun" or "hairdryer" repair attempts. For best results the GPU Re-Ball procedure needs to be the first method attempted to reverse YLOD, not the last. Consoles that are presently fully functional: the services on this page should not be ordered if your PS3 is currently fully functional; these services are specifically for reviving machines that are already non-functional and absolutely should not be interpreted as methods to prevent YLOD from ever occurring.

Common YLOD Repair Service Questions

  1. What is the YLOD Premium Re-Ball Service?
  2. What is the YLOD Standard Reflow Service?
  3. I have a game or movie disk stuck inside my PS3. Will I get it back?
  4. Will I lose my game-save and other data on the hard drive?
  5. What is my cost if my PS3 cannot be repaired?
  6. Will I get my console back or will you send me a replacement / refurbished unit?
  7. How can I tell if my PS3 has an original Sony warranty sticker?

Optional Services & Upgrades

PS3 Active Cooling Upgrade - $39.99 (when purchased with any repair service)

Bullet-proof your PS3 repair with this Active cooling upgrade which will proactively cool the internal components and reduce the operating temperatures in the range of 25-30°F or more. We accomplish this by modifying the rotational speed of the PS3's fan so it expels the hot air more rapidly from within the chassis. Watch the video below which compares two machines with & without the cooling upgrade installed:

Bottom line is it will significantly reduce the devastating thermal effects of motherboard flex that stresses the remaining lead-free solder. Very, very highly recommended to all gamers who own original "fat" model PS3 consoles --- especially the PS2 backwards-compatible 20GB, 60GB and 4-USB port 80GB models --- that desire maximum longevity after YLOD. Add it now! Please note: Due to the nature of this modification your PS3's fan will run significantly louder in order to provide maximum reliability & longevity; it should absolutely not be ordered if you have any concerns about fan-noise level. $39.99 with any PS3 repair service.