PlayStation 3 Blu Ray Drive Disk-Read Error Repair Service

Includes Free Round-Trip Shipping and One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Does your PlayStation 3 no longer read your game or movie discs when you insert them? Do they constantly freeze? Does error code 80010514 or 80029906 ever appear on your screen during playback? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions we can get your PS3 Blu ray drive fixed up with free return shipping to the contiguous 48 states & DC and include our famous one-year warranty. If you're thinking this is a simple repair and all you need to do is just buy yourself a replacement Blu ray drive off eBay and swap the old one out, you'll be in for a world of disappointment when you discover that solution simply does not work because of how Sony uniquely keys each Blu ray drive to match it's host motherboard. The solution is to have your original Blu ray drive professionally repaired, and that's where we come in. Order the PS3 Blu ray drive repair service for your PS3 model from the sidebar on the left. Please note: the services on this page only resolves the "disk-read" error symptom --- it does not resolve or address any other issues such as "insert / eject" issues. For example, if your PS3 originally had a disk-reading problem but then after you tried to repair it yourself you discovered the drive now no longer physically accepts disks into the slot, you will in fact need to purchase both repair services.

Common Questions:

  1. How much will the PS3 Blu ray drive repair cost?
  2. How long is the Blu ray drive repair warranty?
  3. I have a disc stuck inside the PS3's Blu ray drive. Will I get it back?
  4. Will I lose the data saved on the hard drive?
  5. Will I get my console back or will you send me a replacement / refurbished unit like Sony?
  6. How long will it take to fix my PS3?
  7. Can you just sell me the components I need so I can fix my PlayStation 3 myself?
  8. How much does it cost to mail my console to you?
  9. How do I ship my console to you?
  10. I want you to repair my PS3. What is the next step?

The PS3 Blu ray drive laser repair service ranges between $89.99 to $119.98 depending on the specific model you have. See exact pricing on the left. All PS3 bluray drive repair services include free round-trip shipping by UPS or FEDEX Ground to you in any of the contiguous 48 states and DC. Alaska & Hawaii residents will be billed an additional $35.00 shipping surcharge which we will collect from you after the repair has been completed. Optional services are available for an additional cost such as console cleaning and extended warranties. We collect 6% sales tax from Florida residents only.

We provide a "no bull" 1-year limited warranty that covers the specific repair procedure we perform on your console. For example if we originally fixed a laser problem with your Blu ray drive, and then a few months later you have the same problem with the Blu ray drive, your repair is covered under our warranty. However, if you later have a problem like the "yellow light of death" or some other component failure, then that issue will be treated as a new repair request and not be covered by the original warranty. The full terms and conditions of our Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty Agreement can be downloaded and viewed at We also offer a three-year extended warranty for less than $60.

Many symptoms are repaired the same business day the console is received because we go to great lengths to ensure the replacement parts needed to repair your PlayStation 3 are in stock at all times. In the rare event that your console needs a component that is temporarily out of stock or requires additional testing we will always proactively inform you of any delay.

The entire repair process is remarkably simple. After you've identified your PS3 model and  ordered your service from the list on the left, we will email you a pre-paid UPS shipping label and a Service Authorization document that you'll need to print and include with your shipment. Full instructions for preparing your console for transit will also be included in the email. When we receive your console at our Service Facility we will send you an Arrival Confirmation email which will state the estimated completion date of your repair. Upon completion of the repair we'll return your PS3 to you by UPS. Read more details about the ordering & PS3 repair process.